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Traffic Operations [John Anderson One-Way Study]

Over the last several years, Alexander Burney & Collins members have been involved in well over thirty TIAs, some more controversial than others. Those that were more involved were usually comprehensive plan amendments. These tend to be drawn out because of the nature in which they are prepared and the level of outside, non-local, involvement. Some of the more recent applications were; Halifax Hospital 10 Acre CPA, Woodhaven CPA, Howland Crossing CPA, and the Pinder Property CPA.

The Halifax and the Woodhaven projects required a high level of coordination with the FDOT, Volusia County Traffic Engineering department, and, particularly in the case of Woodhaven, bordering jurisdictions. What we have found in most of these cases is that an hour or two of face to face meetings can result in thousands of dollars in cost savings. Meeting with key staff, managers, or elected officials early and often, can curtail if not eliminate opposition in the long run. Agreement on technical assumptions, study areas, conversions, etc., all reduced to writing, can quickly and amicably bring an adversary to your side of the table. AB&C 
will bring its vast array of contacts, knowledge, skills, and abilities to future projects planned within your community.